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megan 116x150 Name: Megan Biddulph Joined:1996
Section: Front Ensemble
What band means to me:
band to me is my family. It's something you love even when you think you hate it. It's somewhere you make friends for life and something you feel privileged to be part of". July 2011

shauna 100x150 Name: Shauna Jones Joined: 2007 
What band means to me:
"Its something words fail to describe. Its another family who are always there for you. Whatever happens you can always count on the people in your band family because even without them saying it you just know they are there for you. TYB brought me out of my shell and has truly helped me in the past few years. There is always someone there with a kind word. Band is a way of life. July 2011
louise 112x150 Name:Louise Dunne  Joined: 2009
What band means to me:
t has changed my life. I will never regret joining and always have it in my heart. We are a massive family and is a place I never have to act or pretend - everyone is just themselves and no one will judge you.
July 2011
karl 112x150 Name: Karl Crosbie  Joined: 2009 
What band means to me:
"its like another family - I got another Mammy and loads more friends" July 2011
tom d 112x150 Name: Tom Douglas Joined:2002
Section: Sax
What band means to me:
"is a perfect mix up between good hard work, great fun and an unbelievable feeling of accomplishment after a parade, concert, competition. Not to mention the best feeling of all winning a competition" July 2011


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